Cougar Minos X5: Best Gaming Mouse Performer?

My quest to test the ultimate gaming mouse, the Cougar Minos X5 came to a disappointing end after putting in all the hard work.

Why was it a disappointing end? Because soon after my tests I discovered that in this review that had already been done which confirmed very much the same findings I discovered on my mouse test.

Here is a break down of my findings for this souped-up 2000hz poll rate bit of hardware.

Image: We Do Tech (

Minos x5 Feet & Resistance

The feet are of decent quality leaving no resistance or scratching (good), but I did expect better.

USB Cord & Interference

The cord was the standard stock rubber cord that is a bit stiff and provides little to no give. On the face of it, one would assume this is no big deal, however, that rigidity provided resistance when trying to move the mouse (especially with tiny adjustable moves)


Feel Of Buttons When Clicked

The buttons we decent too, however, nothing really stood out regarding feel and comfort. It is really hard to put this in words, but the clicks simply did not feel that rewarding at all.


Mouse Wheel & Rolling Capability

The mouse wheel was. OK, it had short scrolling clicks which I personally like the feel of, but nothing groundbreaking in terms of quality and solidity.

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